Interior and exterior landscaping

Interior and exterior landscaping

Gardenia 2006 Ltd.

With its professional experience of 15+ years in the design, construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor park and yard spaces, the company has established itself as a leading factor in landscape design.

Gardenia 2006 Ltd. is also specialized in the construction of high-tech irrigation systems necessary for the successful development of the vegetation and the perfect vision of the built landscape.

Gardenia 2006 Ltd employs highly qualified specialists and relies on the individual approach for every client, every project and every garden.

Flower boutique

What do we offer?

Professional solutions for your home and garden

The garden, courtyard, terrace are the spaces where the enclosed rooms connect to the outside world.
We will build for you the most harmonious and inspiring connection between inside and outside.

Yes, even in your home, office, hotel, shop and your favorite restaurant, we can build the paradise garden.

Garden Center


In Garden Gardens of Gardenia 2006 you can find a wide variety of conifers and shrubs and burners. We offer varieties and forms of eastern and western tluja, silver and Serbian spruce, pine, cedar, lilackaparis, yew, juniper, fir and others.

We offer over 70 varieties and species of deciduous shrubs and trees. Welcome to Garden Gardenia 2006 Ltd. to introduce you and choose the right kind and variety for your garden.

We also offer modern decorative grasses that have the advantage of being easier to maintain than flowers. With decorative grasses, you can highlight the garden lane line, add a different texture to the casks when composing plants, help erosion on steep terrain, focus on the composition, or give protection or feed to birds.

Предлагаме голямо разнообразие на сезонни цветя в саксия. Цветята в градината или в двора допринасят за красотата и биоразнообразието на мястото. Цветята са и единствената храна на пчелите, например.

Garden materials

To grow a beautiful plant you need a rich soil of micro and macro elements. Peat substrates contain everything necessary to provide an optimal plant growth environment: fertilizers, trace elements, enhancers and humectants. We offer peat substrates in different sizes from 2 liters to 50 liters for flowering and green plants, for orchids, for a balcony or yard.

We offer a wide selection of pots and crates, hanging and seating, of various materials: ceramic, concrete and polymeric plastics resistant to UV rays and cold and a wide range of sizes suitable for any balcony, terrace or garden.

For the lovers of the perfect grass carpet we offer a variety of grass mixtures suitable for sunny or shady places, for moist or dry soils that can be tied up. By choosing the right grass mix you will have the opportunity to grow a dense and fresh lawn.

For rich flowering, for optimal growth and for good plant health, we offer a wide variety of fertilizers and plant protection products. You can make choices between fertilizers for indoor and outdoor plants, for flowering and green, for plants and universal plants.

"If you have only one garden and a library, you have everything!"


Our team likes to do things with taste.


Work time:

Summer time (April – October)
Monday – Friday 8:30 – 20:30
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 20:30

Winter working time (November – March)
Monday – Friday 8:30 – 20:00
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 20:00


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